Car Hire

Through African Travel Services, we offer a range of different vehicles for hire all depending on the type of vehicle you may need or want.

Preview some of the vehicles available for hire.

The most important terms and conditions of our vehicle cover are:

  • International drivers license is recommended
  • Young drivers between the age of 18 to 23 years must have had their license for a minimum of 2 years
  • Car types cannot be guaranteed but a similar car will be allocated if your car type chosen is not available
  • Refundable deposit of approximately R1500.00
  • Proven illegal and careless usage of the vehicle can void the insurance cover
  • Lower car rental prices may apply if you are an early booker

Insurance options:

The standard waiver option is the cheaper daily rate. An excess is liable if you have a bumper bashing or if the car is stolen. The excess you pay changes according to the car type your hire.

The super waiver option is a slightly higher rate, with the major benefit being that the excess is far less.

Types of Cars for Hire:

Group A (Economy) – Kia Picanto, Toyota Yaris or similar
Group B (Economy) – VW Polo Hatch or similar
Group C (Intermediate) – Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar
Group F (Full Size) – Audi A4 sedan or similar
Group H (Hybrid) – Hybrid vehicle
Group G (Luxury) - Mercedes E Class or similar
Group L (Speciality / Leisure 4x4) – Toyota High Lux 4 x 4 or similar
Group N (People Carrier) - VW T5 Kombi or similar

Please contact us directly for a quotation regarding vehicle hire –