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Lugenda Wilderness Camp

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Eco Reserve

The Lugenda Wildlife Reserve, in the Niassaprovince ofNorthern Mozambique , is an untouched and undiscovered 42 000 square kilometre expanse of land teeming with wildlife. Lugenda Bush Camp is situated within this magnificent reserve, on the eastern bank of theLugendaRiver , amongst theNgalongueMountains . Accommodation consists of East-African style tents, all with a concrete screed floor with individual Victorian styled deep tub and shower. The tents are situated underneath large wild fig trees which attract wild Elephant during the early morning and late afternoon. The area is well-suited to game drives and it's a birder watcher's paradise - with the rarepitta (Pitta angolensis), Pel's fishing owl (Scotopelia peli) and game suvh as elephant, buffalo, hartebeest, eland and zebra can be seen on drives.