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/Ai-Ais Hotsprings & Spa

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/Ai-/Ais, which means "burning water" in one of the local languages, refers to the sulfurous hot springs which are found in this area. One of these springs has its eye within the camp. /Ai-/Ais lies at the southern end of the Fish River conservation area. A totally redeveloped /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Spa was launched in August 2009. In one of the most spectacular settings in the world, a relaxing visit (with your family or without) to this resort is a must. This is an oasis in the desert, with newly renovated accommodation, restaurant options and of course the delicious thermal springs and massage options, one can indulge in a peaceful and healing experience amongst breathtaking scenery. The resort is also the end of the strenuous 90km Fish River Hiking Trail, which takes one into the heart of the 2nd largest canyon in the world.